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Emerging and growing markets, diverse business opportunities and agile competition quite simply summarize the international business scenario of today. The Octave Factor works as a key differentiator bringing to you local understanding and operations of the emerging market, especially the African continent thus letting you capitalize the existing business ecosystem. The Octave factor collaborates with you, understands your business from a macro level, fine tunes and adapts to the requirements of these opportune markets. We associate with various alliances that will finally operate your business at the absolute micro level thereby enabling you to maximize your business reach.

Piyush Nair

Octave Consulting is built on expertise derived from our core team of Directors who have between them over four decades of cumulative experience in Africa – in understanding local markets, building successful businesses and deriving valuable insights.

"As we set up Octave Consulting Limited, we looked forward to sharing our learning and experience with clients seeking top and bottom line growth. This was initiated by identifying business opportunities, building innovation and developing a pathway for organic and inorganic growth, through a portfolio of products and services that we have to offer across varied business verticals.”

Managing profitable businesses and brands across diverse geographies and cultures

A management professional with 33 years of brand, marketing and managerial work executed across multiple geographies and cultures such as West Africa, Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, Piyush is the Co-founder and Director at Octave Consulting. A management graduate, he is an alumni of Harvard Business School (Advanced Management Program May 2011) and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM – A)

Having worked with global multinationals (Colgate, PepsiCo etc.) and professionally ‘family owned’ organizations (MRF Tyres, Lornamead etc.), Piyush has experience in working with varied managerial styles and operating structures. His rich experience includes; conceptualizing and developing a business plan from scratch, sourcing funds from local and overseas investors, establishing a full-fledged functional corporate and regional management teams. He also specializes in the ability to grow businesses, deal aptly with government regulators (fiduciary and industry) and achieving success in brand growth. Piyush is hands-on and excels in providing clarity and direction amidst challenges. It is his direct approach and solution orientation that Octave consulting now offers its customers.

Why Octave Consulting Limited

Piyush comments “At Octave Consulting Limited we strive towards assisting clients, translating their vision of growth by obtaining a deep understanding of the needs and wants of their targeted customers. Our experiences of implementing innovative GLOCAL (Think global but act local) strategies provide clients with a guaranteed approach to identify and sustain growth opportunities. Companies across diverse businesses have seen failure rates in excess of 80% of all new products and services launched. In emerging markets with a high GDP growth rate (Africa - Nigeria & West Africa) there is a greater need to ensure that new initiatives are successful. With intense competition in markets from both local and global companies, failure is not an option. Our methodology at Octave Consulting is that we offer our clients world class collaborative solutions for varied businesses by combining innovation in strategy and flawless excellence backed with fact based insights and knowledge, all of which are the key ingredients towards driving profitable growth”


At Octave, our vision is to create sustainable opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish by offering them solutions that are creative, sustainable, intelligent and innovative.


Octave Consulting seeks to develop and establish sustainable businesses by providing companies end-to-end solutions that foster growth through honesty and integrity.

Global Associates
South Africa

A high end television production company.

With a team of prolific and professional directors, editors, animators, sound engineers and visual effects supervisors.


    Beautiful work in fashion photography an impressive talent that sets it apart from the rest.

    Extensive portfolio of Nigerian models


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