Marketing Consulting

Marketing does not just mean pushing the product into the market. It means creating a market of opportunities. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the market and the need for the product. Consumer is the source of growth for any business. Hence, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the consumer psyche, the need & availability of the product along with thorough knowledge of the competitive scenario.

Octave Consulting assists an organization to understand consumer behavior, market potential and competitive landscape by providing exhaustive research & analysis along with thorough strategy for market disruption. We help organizations develop the correct distribution model so that the product reaches the correct target audience and make the market more sustainable with competitive and profitable pricing strategy.

Branding & Advertising

With plethora of brands entering the market offering similar products, it becomes imperative to be on top of the customers mind. A favourable brand image is a competitive weapon.

Octave strengthens brands by creating desired brand image in the minds of the customers. With branding, we add an element of life to a brand; it becomes more than just a name or commodity.

Our overseas branding & advertising partner Water Communications builds a favourable brand perception in the minds of the current & potential customers. They clearly outline what the brand can deliver & turn it into a brand promise. Branding coupled with persuasive advertising, convinces the potential audience to experience the product. And therefore, Octave in partnership with Water Communications, strives to create a memorable brand experience for our clients business.

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Film Production

We believe what we see. Same stands for the customers, they believe what they see and then the purchasing takes place. Hence it is essential to showcase a product and weave a story behind it which is visually compelling. It is essential to weave the customers story into the brand narrative. The customer needs to clearly envision what the brand has to offer and how it can make a difference to them.

To tell compelling stories about brands, Octave has tied up with The Moon Studioz, a state-of-the-art production house extensively involved in Ad Film-making, Radio & Photography, based in India & West Africa. They offer a perfect balance of creative expertise, technological superiority and experienced talent force that bring a brand alive.

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Interim Change Management

Spearheading expansion plans & moving businesses to new avenues can be quite challenging if not handled by experts. Octave helps companies handle their toughest challenge by functioning as their Interim Change Manager for a short or long period on project basis. We effortlessly integrate within your organization and implement the changes within your organization across all levels without disturbing the flow of the organization and work towards resistance if any. We are certain that our change procedure can be easily implemented.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions become necessary when companies want to grow bigger and better in a short period of time. At Octave Consulting, we have facilitated mergers & acquisitions on the buy and sell side. We provide end-to-end solutions and remain an integral part right from the preliminary screening, selecting potential merger partners to acquisition and post acquisition synergy. We follow a disciplined approach and provide intricate strategic mergers that help our clients realize the opportunities in a merger & benefit from it.

Legal & Government Regulatory Services

Regulatory services becomes challenging for businesses wanting to venture in new markets. Our team of experts makes foraying into international markets easy for our clients. With in-depth knowledge of licensing, international trading standards and environmental regulations Octave has made way for many companies to venture in new lands, especially in Africa – the land of opportunities. Octave has hands-on experience in launching brands in Africa and providing local support to international businesses. We create a base for companies in which they can carry out their business responsibly and flourish.


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